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Work for HELP

Work for Help

Why work with us

When you join our team at HELP, you become an important part of our diverse organisation that operates from a very clear mission.


Regardless of your position or the business area in which you are based, we are a social enterprise that is built around people and long-term sustainability so that we can continue to make a difference. It is with this in mind, that HELP attracts and rewards the best staff whom we regard as critical to our success and culture.

Join an ever-expanding, dynamic social enterprise that fosters a positive and supportive working environment and where people and performance are valued. You will have access to our internal and external professional training opportunities and further enhance your skills and knowledge.

Benefits to our employees

  • Corporate superannuation plan
  • Flexible working arrangements
  • Employee assistance program
  • Incentive schemes
  • Above award salaries, with community sector fringe benefits
  • Salary sacrifice options

Our diversity and engagement

We not only encourage and promote diversity and inclusion in our own and other workplaces, HELP believes that this is a critical component to running a successful community-conscious enterprise. Staff engagement at HELP is highly regarded and apparent in the feedback we receive from our employees. Through our engagement surveys, HELP staff report that they are highly motivated, inspired by our mission and fairly rewarded, among other drivers for choosing HELP as their employer of choice. Our strong response rates to surveys that measure operational effectiveness and culture, is what continues to assure our stakeholders that staff are committed to what they do and what we stand to achieve.

importance of quality and compliance

An equally regarded aspect of working with HELP, is how we maintain high standards in our operations. This is paramount to how we provide our people with the frameworks to carry out their jobs in safe and healthy work environments.