Help Enterprises

Enhancing the lifestyle, independence & ambitions of people with disability

Our Vision

Our Vision


To create an ecosystem of inclusive opportunity, empowering people with disability through high impact services, shaped around their goals.  

Vision Statement

To create an inclusive world where people with disability lead fulfilling, independent lives. 


The qualities that define our culture and steer us in the direction of our mission. 

  • We are customer focused
    We believe that every person is the rightful master of their own journey. We’re led by the people we serve – it’s all about them, their experiences, and their goals.
  • We are responsible
    As a social enterprise with a long-standing history, we’re in a position to make a difference in the lives of many. It’s a big responsibility – and we’re honoured to be trusted with it.
  • We make an impact
    We are focused on providing the type of support that makes a tangible difference in people’s lives.
  • We are brave and bold
    Pursuing a better world for people with disability means standing up for the things that matter, embracing change, and being unafraid to break new ground.
  • We care a lot
    Every person looks at the world a little differently. It’s a good thing. We are dedicated to creating an environment where differences are embraced and everybody feels they belong.