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Enhancing the lifestyle & independence of people with disability

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Welcome to Help Enterprises

HELP is a social enterprise that exists to enhance the lifestyle and independence of people who live with disability. HELP is a registered charity and not-for-profit organisation.

We operate a range of commercial businesses that are uniquely designed to employ people with disability as part of our diverse workforce. We have a completely integrated HELP team in excess of 950 staff, of which some 370 are individuals with a disability. Our businesses complement our disability support services, which provide a wide range of direct support to our communities.

As a modern social enterprise, we strike a balance between our commercial operations and our disability support services to ensure that we can provide ongoing support both now and well into the future. All of this, combined with HELP’s sustainable and innovative approach has meant that we deliver outstanding value to our stakeholders without compromising our overall vision.

Our staff take pride in what we do and understand why we do it. It is the commitment of our people that continues to set us apart.

Here at HELP we don’t just care for people with disability, we care about them. So if you are someone living with disability, or a customer who wants good value for money or would just like to make a difference, please feel welcome to contact us. People have been doing that for over 50 years.

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Kerry Browne
Managing Director / Executive Director