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Business as usual in the new normal - Supply Chain Services

Business as usual in the new normal

Supply Chain Services 

As the largest employer of supported workers at HELP, Supply Chain Services is leading the way as the first co-packer to secure a contract with PepsiCo Australia.

Persistence, delivering on customer expectations and constantly looking to improve on efficiencies were key factors in HELP Supply Chain Services securing the 2-year contract, which was signed in April 2021.

Despite lost production days and reduced staff during COVID lockdown periods, the HELP Supply Chain Services team managed to meet PepsiCo’s KPIs. With clear targets in mind, and sheer hard work , we surpassed PepsiCo’s expectations – all while managing to pack close to 200,000 show bags for another client. 

It was business as usual with some modifications across HELP’s diverse portfolio of commercial enterprises, which continued to operate through a year where COVID was a constant.

Our supported employees are the most important aspect of commercial businesses; without them, we cannot fulfil our mission.   To help them achieve their goals and foster a happy and productive workplace, we continue to invest in training of our Production Support Officers in Person Centred Active Support and MAYBO

The commercial performance of our Gympie recycling business has improved, as a result of a new contract with Recycling Solutions Australia for recycled bailed cardboard and other products. This allowed us to review pricing and volumes and renegotiate an existing contract with Opal.

Supply Chain Services Gympie received a grant to purchase a new Industrial Cross Cut Paper Shredder allowing us to widen our customer market.  Gympie SCS shred/recycle 50 tonnes of paper per year and each tonne of paper recycled means approximately 13 less trees will be cut down.  The new machine allows us to value add to our document destruction bin service and gives us the capacity to shred CD’s and paper clips.  The shredding of paper offers a valuable source of recycling with the option would most likely see this paper waste go to landfill.

The Perpetual Impact Philanthropy Grant funded the installation of a Clean Room at our Supply Chain Services at Eagle Farm, along with the equipment required to increase our food processing capacity and meet a growing demand. The Clean Room will offer supported employees the opportunity to be trained in food processing, food packaging and trained to HACCP food safety regulations providing a unique skill set.   The installation of the Clean Room will increase revenue and production and increasing supported employment opportunities.

Work practices and procedures, and a focus on employee improvement is pivotal in our ongoing growth and success.

Empowering people through ownership

As the affect the COVID pandemic has on recruitment starts to diminish, our employee numbers are set to increase across our six sites. We are proud of our team, and by promoting the HELP values, we encourage each individual to develop a sense of pride in themselves and their work.

By expanding our customer base and nurturing existing relationships, while having flexibility to adapt to changing environments, we have achieved considerable success this year.

2021 has set the tone for the year ahead as we strategically plan our growth. We are committed to further developing our customer mix (new and old) and enhancing our customer loyalty through personalised service with a smile.

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