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Enhancing the lifestyle, independence & ambitions of people with disability

Group Chief Executive update

Group Chief Executive update

On 30 June 2021 we wished our Chairman Garry Butler a happy retirement. Garry served on HELP’s Board for 22 years and I was fortunate to work with him for 10 of those years. Garry was instrumental in key decisions that sparked growth and diversification of HELP. Most importantly he was relentless in his drive to keep HELP focused on putting clients at the centre of everything we do, drawing on his lived experience as the father of a son who lives with disability. 

Garry drove the initiative to transform our Eagle Farm site from an older style sheltered workshop, to a modern, integrated and sophisticated social enterprise that now welcomes 120 people with disability to work each day, plus our corporate head office team.

As a long-term supporter of the McIntyre Centre at Pinjarra Hills, Garry made the introduction that led the centre to become part of HELP in 2017. We continue to provide equine assisted therapies that create special memories and breakthrough moments for Participants and their families 

I believe Garry’s most visionary contribution was the development of our Mitchelton Hub site, in particular the creation of the Oxford Park Nursery. The site exists today as a ‘mixed use’ support environment for Participants, offering choices in the key domains of employment, housing, social and community participation. 

Garry made an enormous contribution to HELP’s mission to enhance the lifestyle, independence, and ambitions of people with disability. We wished him a happy retirement and look forward to working with Helen Skippen as Chair for the next phase.

While we continued to manage the impacts of Covid-19 on our services, Participants and our team, it was important for us to create the space to focus on the future. 

In March we completed a process of working collaboratively with HELP’s Board of Directors on our Strategy 2021 -26. We’re aiming for measured growth in the number of people we support across all of our services in this timeframe and these goals are articulated in the Performance Highlights section of this report. There are two key themes in how we will deliver this growth. The first is strengthening our person centred, ‘whole of life’ view of our clients' needs by creating new internal service offerings or partnerships that can deliver on these needs. We intend to place a real focus on the individual goals and aspirations of our clients and to deliver successful and measured outcomes of them.  

Secondly, we have a strategic focus on expanding our infrastructure to create an integrated network of facilities and services to support people with disability to live in the community. In some locations, like Brisbane North with our Mitchelton Hub we are already supporting Participants across all of these domains. Our goal is to build out more zones, using HELP’s existing assets as a foundation.

The year was about maintaining our resilience on the COVID-19 wave while setting our agenda to increase HELP’s impact and build on the legacy of Garry and other major contributors to HELP’s mission and evolution.

Denver Fresser
Group Chief Executive