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Help wherever and whenever it's needed

Help wherever and whenever it's needed

During the 2021 financial year our Employment and Training team continued to pivot and adapt its service delivery model to respond to Covid-19 restrictions and lockdowns and a rapid increase in jobseeker caseload.  We introduced a range of innovations and efficiencies to support contractual directives, staff safety and client servicing quality.

COVID saw us rapidly develop and implement service innovations to ensure that our clients received the necessary support. These fast-tracked solutions allowed us to continue operating without any shutdowns. We provided support to clients wherever and whenever they need it, based on their individual circumstances.  

One of these solutions was to drive the establishment of HELP’s Omnichannel’ Customer Contact Centre (link to focus story) to help manage increasing caseloads. Launched in January with a total of 1,911 calls, volume grew to 28,000+ calls a month by June 2021.

Performing in a challenging landscape 

We are very proud of the outcomes we’ve been able to achieve in a difficult employment market. The numbers tell the story:

  • the number of clients grew by 10,000 year on year, with a total of 25,000 for 2021 
  • more than 13,000 initial commencement appointments (client sign-ups) were conducted by Employment and Training staff
  • we achieved 5,523 placements for the year – a 42% increase over the previous year … and 41% of new placements were people with disability. 

In the absence of STAR Ratings, and as a relative comparison versus other providers, jobactive continued to improve. HELP is now nationally ranked (versus all 40 providers in Australia for contract to date) as follows:

  • 1st place in 4-week outcomes (July 2020 was 4th place)
  • 3rd place in 12-week outcomes (July 2020 was 7th place)
  • 8th place in 26-week outcomes (July 2020 was 10th place)

Accolades all round

Hard work and commitment pays off in many ways, and this year that included external recognition for a number of our initiatives. Our omnichannel customer service model scored us a position as national finalists in the Innovation and Disability Employment Award at the National Employment Service Association (NESA) Awards. At the same awards, our supported employer client, Angies Domestic Duties, won the “Champion of the Year Award”.

Our innovative and creative approach to eLearning earned us a platinum award for best video eLearning Design – Disability and Inclusion at LearnX. 

With a little help from our friends

We were fortunate to receive funding and grants this year that allowed us to improve and expand our offerings, and better support employees and jobseekers in our communities.

What’s on the horizon

Continuing to innovate and improve on our outcome performance for clients is a constant focus. While we achieved a great deal in the 2021 financial year, we are also looking ahead to the changes on the horizon with the New Employment Services Model. We have commenced preparatory work for the Model including establishing wider links and partnership with community organisations and employers. We will continue to pursue opportunities that will help maximise the infrastructure and methodology we’ve created within Greater South East Queensland and beyond.