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Enhancing the lifestyle, independence & ambitions of people with disability

Investing in the quality of supports

Investing in the quality of supports


We are always working to create a safe space for our participants and supported employees.

Our staff are currently taking part in Maybo Training to upskill and learn additional positive behaviour support strategies

We now have an in-house certified MAYBO trainer at HELP Enterprises, and 49% of staff working with NDIS participants are now MAYBO trained.

This training helps team members to:

  • better understand the emotional needs of our participants and supported employees
  • engage practices that reduce negative behaviours
  • promote each individual’s choice and control.

In the year ahead we aim to have greater than 90% of staff trained in both MAYBO and PCAS. We will achieve this through including eLearning in new employee inductions, followed by a dedicated training day.


HELP is committed to constantly improving how we provide support by ensuring everything we do is person centred, and our time with the people we support is optimised.

We have implemented a range of new and updated practices which have enabled us to train ~65% of staff providing NDIS funded supports, and made it easier for practice champions to carry out their work. This includes an eLearning module that is completed prior to face to face training so that time can be used effectively.

In 2021 we entered the third year in our partnership agreement into Person Centred Active Support (PCAS) Research with La Trobe University.

Our participation in this research allows us to continuously improve the quality of active support we provide to people with disability, by adopting and embedding best practice support strategies in our disability care and supported employment environments.

Putting theory into practice and utilising the four principles of PCAS, has produced some impressive results for our Participants. See examples of our principles in action below: