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Kellie's transition to team leader

Kellie's transition to team leader

Since joining HELP as a supported employee 5 years ago Kellie has achieved some seriously life-changing goals.  

With the support of the Acacia Ridge HELP team, especially Senior Employee Support Officer Glenys, Kellie has gained her forklift and driver's license, completed a Cert 3 in Disability, and transitioned into a Team Leader role.

Previous experiences with other disability employment providers had left Kellie feeling apprehensive and anxious about work, but with the right support from HELP, Kellie soon gained the confidence to learn different skills, become more independent and make new friends.

Growing confidence

"I never used to have confidence. I always used to put myself down, and say things like, 'I can't do it'. So having Glenys support me to say, 'you can do it, you just gotta believe in yourself', was a big help"- Kellie. 

Glenys quickly recognised that Kellie had leadership potential and began identifying opportunities where she could upskill for her next role.  

"As her confidence grew she took on more and more... So we thought, oh she's perfect for the Team Leader role" - Glenys.

Leading the team

As a Team Leader Kellie helps manage the day-to-day tasks of supply chain operations, allocating tasks to fellow teammates, monitoring quality, and lending a helping hand to anyone who might need it. Though there are still some tough days every now and then Glenys is always there to help Kellie navigate through any challenges that may arise. 

"She'll step in and do whatever needs to be done. She's a very gentle person, very caring, and mothers those that need mothering. We've got a couple of young ones out there and she pulls them under her wing and guides them through getting used to working", said Glenys.

Kellie credits her success to the supportive, family environment created by staff like Glenys, and Operations Supervisor Glenn who always go the extra mile to make sure everyone feels valued and part of the team. In the future, Kellie would like to continue to take on more responsibilities as Team Leader and explore a career in support work to help others.