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Strengthening organisational capability

Strengthening organisational capability

There can be no cookie-cutter approach to dealing with disability or disadvantage. At HELP, we are very proud to offer a tailored 'whole of life' approach to the people we serve.

At any given time, we are supporting upwards of 16,000 people across 80 sites through our NDIS, DES and jobactive service streams.

In order to provide our tailored approach to those 16,000 people, major resourcing, planning, and the use of technological innovations has been required. 

One of the significant endeavours this year, which encompasses all of these elements, was the realisation of our Customer Communication Centre.  

HELP’s Customer Communication Centre

The centre, launched in January 2021, allows us to deliver our 'whole of life' approach to clients, tailor our strategies, and co-ordinate the activities required to each individuals’ unique set of circumstances.

As a mission-based organisation our number one priority is high quality outcomes for those we serve, and this new centre has made this goal much easier to achieve consistently and effectively.

As a result of the systems and practices now in place, we are able to perform comprehensive assessments for each client and ensure that they enter the service streams and activities that are best fit for them.

We now undertake a large portion of activity coordination and intake processing at the centre. By the end of the first month, the team took a total of 1,911 calls. By June this year, volume had grown to 28,000+ calls a month. 

The sheer capacity of the Customer Communication Centre to handle these calls has created more time for coaches and support staff at service delivery sites to do what they do best: spend quality time with clients, delivering activities and interventions that ensure the desired outcomes for each person.

Whether a client comes to us looking for open employment, supported employment, NDIS services, or a combination of those, the Customer Communication Centre is enabling us to consistently deliver high quality outcomes.

Use of technology innovation for efficiency & customer experience

HELP’s network of 80 sites across South East Queensland means we are able to cater to the increasing number of jobseekers in Jobactive and DES, as well as the growth of NDIS. 

Having the intake and triage teams that work across NDIS and Employment services at the Communications Centre equipped with reliable technology, we can deliver a ‘person first’ approach to the initial assessments and streaming of participants.

"I'm really enjoying the family-like dynamic that an office of this size brings. We're a big diverse group of people who all look for opportunities to help each other out." Ben Wilson – Coach

"My favourite thing about working for HELP is how inclusive the team is, regardless of title or position in the company, everyone is welcome and everyone is treated equally." Erynn Klinger - AMO

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