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Supported employment stays on task

Supported employment stays on task

2021 was a year of growth and adaptation. With COVID still looming large, our daily operations were impacted, yet we still managed to forge ahead in creating many meaningful supported employment jobs and investing profits back into high-quality disability care.

The pandemic had a substantial impact on our supported and non-supported employees; with vulnerability, loneliness and isolation affecting the mental health of many.  This resulted in some supported employees choosing to go on funding suspension or resign from HELP.

Despite this upheaval, we were able to provide consistent work for supported employees in safe environments that nurtured their growth and allowed them to maintain their routines. Consequently, many of our supported employees were successful in achieving their goals.

With a focus on continued growth, we commenced the recruitment of 19 Production Support Officers, and the transition to supports in employment in the NDIS planning framework is well underway.

A supported employment learning journey was developed to increase the supported employment skills base and provide professional development opportunities for both supported and non-supported staff. This also creates a more robust induction process for new staff that are onboarded.

Our contribution to the Defence Administrative Assistance Program (DAAP) has been a resounding success, with our contract for work at Gallipoli Barracks Enoggera, Lavarack Barracks Townsville, Amberley Airbase, and Robertson Barracks in Darwin being extended until June 2022.

Nothing comes from standing still, and we attribute much of our success this year to proactively moving forward with:

  • establishing a new NDIS Pricing Framework from a per-week rate to a per-hour rate
  • a more consultative approach to learning and development 
  • providing 'whole of life' options to participants
  • having the courage to implement COVID safe workplaces and work through the pandemic where other service providers chose to shut down services
  • the commitment to embed Person Centred Active Support throughout the supported employment team
  • the development of a no-blame culture and instilling a continuous improvement mentality
  • improving investigation techniques and clearly communicating the outcomes.

As we adjust to the 'new normal' we have ambitious, yet achievable plans to:

  • complete the transition to the new NDIS Pricing Framework – for all supported employees
  • ensure our ratios of support staff to supported employees are accurate and stand up against the scrutiny of an NDIS Practice Standards audit
  • ensure completion of regular PCAS observation checklists on all staff that provide direct support
  • increase supported employee numbers across all Supply Chain Services sites
  • facilitate the rollout of the Healthy Sexuality training
  • submit tender to secure and increase Defence sites under the DAAP contract once the contracts are released for tender
  • monitor mental health status of supported and non-supported staff – as we emerge from COVID lockdowns and open the borders