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26th July 2019

26 July 2019

hYmans charity lunch in brisbane

This year, our 2019 Hyman’s Charity Lunch will be hosted by Brisbane's Hilton Hotel, with special host Leisa Goddard talking to Rugby League legends, Allan ' Alfie' Langer and Billy Moore on Friday 20 September.

Help Enterprises has been the beneficiary of the Hymans Charity Lunch events since 2016, raising over $349,000 to date for enhancing the lives of people with disability. 

In 2018, the total amount raised far exceeded any other lunch, with a staggering $159,600 which went towards supporting HELP's McIntyre Centre and improving facilities for riders with disability who access equine-assisted therapy. McIntyre Centre is a valued service of Help Disability Care, our division dedicated to providing whole-of-life support for individuals with disability.

HELP is a proud beneficiary and would like to formally acknowledge this year's generous sponsors of the 5th Annual Hymans Charity Lunch:

To see the sponsorship categories or for any other sponsorship enquiries regarding this charity lunch event, please click here.

Help Enterprises is a local Queensland-based not-for-profit and social enterprise organisation enhancing the lifestyle and independence of people with disability:


DAVID MELLOY, Marketing & Communications Manager - 07 3868 1765 


For the past 24 years Ian Hyman, friends and business colleagues have been raising money for charity that supports people with an intellectual disability. The annual lunch is well known in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne for being the ‘Sportsman’s Lunch’ and has traditionally been able to garner the support of Rugby Union, Rugby League, AFL and Cricket legends, along with many of Australia’s high profile politicians. 


HELP is the proud beneficiary of a number of annual fundraising events. By sponsoring, donating or participating in these fundraising events, you are helping us enhance the lifestyle and independence of people with disability. To discuss event sponsorship or for more information, please phone 07 3868 1765 or email our Fundraising Team.