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Suzi & Amanda grow with the flow

29th July 2021

Pictured: Supported employees Suzi and Amanda at Oxford Park Nursery.

When it comes to getting the job done Suzi and Amanda aren't afraid to get their hands dirty. Between the two of them, they've clocked up an impressive 14 years at HELP's Oxford Park Nursery, spending countless hours helping this green wonderland come to life.

With so much experience under their belt, we were curious to find out more about their journey with HELP, and how supported employment has changed their life for the better. Here's what they had to say...

How long have you been working at Oxford Park Nursery?
A: 10 years

S: about 4 years 

Why did you decide to work at the nursery?
A: I love plants! I had trouble sustaining long term work but when I started at the nursery it all fell into place. I built a really good rapport with the team and everyone is really supportive of one another.

S: I had looked at other supported employment options but they weren’t quite suited to me. As soon as I had my first visit here I knew it was the right fit. Finding work here made it easy to transition straight from school into a job. 

What’s your favourite part of the job?
S: Driving the work buggy with the trailer! I also love cutting back and trimming plants.

A: My favourite days at work are propagating days. I learnt how to propagate here at work and now my house is full of plants! I love that you can create something from nothing. I’m now teaching my daughter how to do it too!

What are the benefits of working at the nursery?
S: We have great supervisors and it’s good to work outdoors and meet new people. 

A: It’s helped my self-esteem and it makes me happy! The team understand my health conditions and are super approachable to talk to. 

When you’re not at work we can find you......
S: Going to BBQ’s with friends and hanging out with my cats Midnight and Amity.

A: Heading to the beach or chilling out with my daughter and cat Treacle. 

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