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Aidan's career takes off

26th May 2021

Aiden is sitting at a table with his support workers Elle and Sarah-Jane talking, laughing and looking at a sign language booklet.

Aidan has been with HELP for 16 months building his skills and confidence through our School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES) program. Together with his coach, Sarah-Jane, Aidan has already ticked many accomplishments off his to-do list; from developing handy life skills like cooking to completing work experience, studying sign language, and preparing to get his driver’s license. 

Through SLES Aidan has also made exciting progress on his employment journey. Supported by Sarah-Jane and the SLES program Aidan landed not one, but two jobs! First as a volunteer at an allied health organisation (undertaking administration and IT tasks two days a week), before moving into a paid position as a support worker with the same organisation, commencing in July 2021.  

Becoming a support worker has a deeper meaning to Aidan. Having experienced bullying and discrimination, Aidan’s goal is to provide support to young people with disability to show that there is help available outside of their immediate family and friend network.

Once Aidan starts this new role, he will continue to work with Sarah-Jane through SLES to help him navigate working life and succeed in his career. To support Aidan on this journey Sarah-Jane’s main focus will be communicating with Aidan’s allied health clinicians to ensure he is receiving holistic care.

Aidan’s unique perspective and understanding (from both receiving and providing support) have enabled him to develop a deeper connection with his coach, and the participants that he works with, giving him the perfect head start in his new role.   

Good luck on your next adventure Aidan!

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