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Back In The Drivers Seat With Luke

20th May 2021


A  man is wearing a neon yellow polo shirt, shorts and work boots, while sitting on a forklift giving the thumbs up. He is parked in a warehouse with shelving and boxes in the background.

Movie buff Luke has worked as a supported employee with HELP for the past 7 years, starting out as a forklift driver, before transitioning into other production and warehousing roles.

After taking a 3.5-year hiatus from the forklift to experience different jobs at HELP, Luke recently decided he was ready to jump back into the driver’s seat and return to his first job as a forklift operator.

With encouragement from his support officer Paola, Luke set returning to the forklift as one of his goals, collaborating with the support team to form a plan so he could work up to full duties at his own pace.

Initially, Luke was apprehensive about driving a forklift again, having lost confidence after such a long break, but was supported by the team through various training exercises, and a step-by-step return to work strategy.

Luke is now back on the move transporting items across our Eagle Farm site and growing more and more confident each day. In the future, Luke would like to continue to be a forklift operator and complete his Cert 4 in Warehousing with HELP.

A man is wearing a neon yellow polo shirt standing in front of a forklift giving the thumbs up.

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