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Community & In-Home Supports: FAQ's

19th July 2021

HELP provides flexible community and in-home supports tailored to help you meet your NDIS goals. With the help of your support worker you can get out and explore your community doing everything from going bowling and catching a movie with friends, to grabbing your weekly groceries and cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

Take a look at our FAQs below to find out more about HELP and what we can do for you. 

What types of activities can I do in the community with my support worker? 

You can get involved in any activities that spark your interest as long as it aligns with your NDIS goals, and is within reason. For example, Community Access supports could help you attend a footy match, catch a movie at the cinemas, go grocery shopping, or attend appointments.  

Can I do these activities in a group or one-on-one with a support worker? 

Community supports are generally delivered one-on-one with a support worker. However, if you have a friend who is also a HELP participant, or has an NDIS plan, we can provide Community Supports for small groups.  

Group of participants at the beach with their support workers, posing with fishing rods.

What days and times can I access community supports? 

Community supports are flexible. You can receive community supports any day of the week. The only requirement we have is that you need to book a minimum of 2 hours per booking. For example, if you needed support to go shopping and meal prep for the week, you could book our support services for an 8 am to 12 pm session every Monday. In that session, you could travel to the shopping centre with your support worker, then meal prep together when you get home. 

How can I travel with my support worker to activities? 

There are a couple of different transport options available:  

  • You can use public transport with your support worker to help build your independent travel skills (we call this travel training), or; 
  • You can travel in your support worker’s car.  

Travel can be charged against the CORE funding in your NDIS plan. Chat with our Intake Team to learn more about transport options.  

Participant riding his bike at the park with friends.

What training do your support workers receive? 

All of our support workers have: 

  • Undergone a National Police Check 
  • Current Blue and Yellow Cards  
  • Completed the NDIS Worker Screening Module 
  • An excellent work ethic 
  • Strong communication skills and a passion for enhancing the lifestyle, independence, and ambitions of people with disability  

To ensure our participants/you receive customised support our staff are trained under the research-based Person Centred Active Support (PCAS) framework. This training provides our support workers with the principles and tools they need to encourage, inspire, and support you as you work towards your goals. 

As practitioners of PCAS, HELP applies the following fundamental principles to ensure each individual’s needs are met: 
1. Every moment has potential 
2. Maximise choice and control 
3. Little and often 
4. Graded assistance 

You can find out more about our PCAS approach here.

Two participants on the tennis court smiling at the camera, holding racquets.

Explore your local community, meet new people and discover your passions! Learn more about Community & In-Home Supports with HELP.