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26th June 2019

5 July 2019

This year, you can help make a difference

For the last three years, disability support and employment organisation, Help Enterprises’ has entered employees with and without disability in the annual Bridge To Brisbane fun run, and has plans for this years’ event to leave a strong lasting impact for fellow competitors.

‘HELP HEROES’ competed on Sunday 25 August with a team of 45 employees, promoting inclusion of people with disability and showing what it means to be able to achieve anything despite a physical, mental or other impairment. 

HELP is proud to not only promote and create employment pathways for people into local businesses, but to also lead by example through directly employing people with disability. 

Heading up the HELP HEROES team is 62-year-old Paul, who has worked at Help Enterprises for 20 years and is visually impaired.

Every year, Paul runs across the 5km finish line ahead of most in a time of just under 30 minutes. With only a string attaching Paul’s wrist to another HELP colleague as his eyes in the race, Paul endeavours to reiterate how important inclusion and participation is for everyone.

It’s an encouraging reminder to us all, of how we can be more mindful in enhancing accessibility and embracing greater diversity in all of our workplaces. 

The HELP HEROES team will be visible on the day in matching red headbands, racing in the 5km route. 

Chief Operating Officer, Mr Denver Fresser said “Our fully integrated workforce of 950 includes some 370 staff who have a disability across a wide range of job roles throughout our social enterprise businesses.”

Since 1968, HELP has contributed to the very real and positive benefits that a paid job provides to a person with disability through meaningful supported employment opportunities.

“We know we have achieved an incredibly unique, warm and positive working environment that values individual participation and skills development across both traditional and non-mainstream sectors,” said Mr Fresser.

Recently celebrating 50 years as a Queensland born and bred disability non-profit, Help Enterprises mission and purpose continues to remain the same - to ‘Enhance the lifestyle and independence of people with disability’.

You can make a real difference for the inclusion of people with disability today by donating to the HELP HEROES fundraising page here:

(Images captured in Bridge To Brisbane races 2016-2018)

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