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4th September 2019

4 September 2019


Help Enterprises is pleased to announce a partnership with LaTrobe University, to embed a Person Centred Active Support (PCAS) practice framework across the organisation.

Originally a UK developed ‘model of support’, PCAS is not only backed by considerable independent research here in Australia, but one that the organisation feels directly aligns with its’ mission of ‘Enhancing the Lifestyle and Independence of People with Disability’. 

HELP’s managing Director Kerry Browne said “Our concern for some time has been that while there is much upside to the NDIS model, there is also a risk that the ‘quality’ of support may suffer. We have invested significant energy into looking for the right opportunities to take a company-wide approach to the provision of quality, personalised services and this partnership will enable exactly that”. 

“By putting a fixed price on disability supports, there is potential that the NDIS may erode the value of supports delivered within the sector, by focusing on transactions and competitive offerings rather than the effectiveness and quality of care”. said Mr Browne.

HELP’s Executive General Manager Disability & Allied Health Practice, Simon Wright has played a key role in bringing to life this partnership and will oversee its successful implementation alongside chosen ‘Practice Champions’. 

Mr Wright said “We believe that LaTrobe’s research into the implementation of PCAS will empower our Help Disability Care division in particular, to significantly enhance the quality of life of the people we support. PCAS is an enabling practice, which if used consistently by staff, will increase the choice and control and level of engagement in meaningful activity and social relationships of each individual we support. People at all levels of HELP are included in this initiative, including Board, Executives and front line staff.”

HELP has committed to ongoing continuous improvements in the provision of care as Queensland continues on the journey into an NDIS environment.

Entering into a formal partnership with LaTrobe allows greater scope for HELP to further establish their credentials in the support of people with disability, designed around cutting-edge research into the areas of client engagement. 

Mr Wright said “HELP is partnering with LaTrobe to ensure we deliver best practice support, underpinned by broad-based quality research. We’re working with Professor Christine Bigby who will lead the research with her team, which is the first time an organisation in Queensland has taken a whole-organisation approach to create a new standard of service delivery under the NDIS.”

PCAS training will equip all staff with the skills they need to provide the right type of support to each individual.

For more information about PCAS and the implementation of this initiative, go to Help Disability Care.

Lara Thompson, EGM Marketing & Communication - 07 3868 1765