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7th June 2018

7 June 2018


Help Enterprises, is expanding the scope of their support to people with disability who are in need of homes and in-home assistance. 

Allamanda Autistic Adult Accommodation Association (AAAAA), which was established by Neil and Jacqueline Davie in 1992, officially amalgamated with Help Enterprises (HELP) on 31 May 2018. 

The amalgamation, which will be branded Allamanda Disability Housing, increases HELP’s housing portfolio to 25 homes with the capacity to support 75 people who live with disability. The homes are located across the Greater Brisbane region. 

HELP understands how important it is for a person with disability to have a place to call home and the peace-of-mind it offers for their families and carers. 

Help Disability Care (HDC) is dedicated to providing ‘whole-of-life’ support for individuals with disability.

Executive General Manager, Simon Wright said “HELP will continue working with local communities to construct even more homes designed for people with disability in an effort to help meet the underlying demand.”

“Unfortunately, suitable accommodation options continue to be outweighed by need and we welcome the increased opportunities that the merger brings,” said Mr. Wright.

Mr Wright said “We are proud that Help Disability Care has really been able to nurture the learning experience for individuals, to discover interests and their ability to trial independent living in a safe, comfortable environment. Residents will have the freedom to choose their support providers under the NDIS and will have access to HDC’s broad scope of support and learning services” Mr Wright said.

HELP’s range of services for people with disability includes:

HELP has a Property Management service, created to provide employment for people with disability which will maintain the homes in good order and be available to provide lawn and gardening services to the residents. 

To find out more about accessing other Help Disability Care supports and services including supported employment, recreational and social assistance, living skills and more, visit


Help Enterprises formally recognises and acknowledges the significant contributions of Neil and Jacqueline Davie, who established Allamanda in 1992 and oversaw construction of the first four homes in 1997. Along with their daughter, Suzanne Rowe, the Davie family have spent the last 26 years committed to their mission of providing affordable, comfortable housing to people with disability and offering all the same privileges for living independently with dignity in their communities. 

Help Enterprises would also like to formally congratulate Suzanne Rowe on her appointment as Property Management Administrator with HELP’s new property management team and we look forward to our organisations ongoing connection with the origins of this wonderful housing initiative.

Help Enterprises is a local Queensland-based not-for-profit and social enterprise organisation enhancing the lifestyle and independence of people with disability:



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