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How to achieve your NDIS goals at our Hubs | Help Disability Care

16th February 2023

Achieve your goals with our new Hub programs 

It’s never too late or too early to set some new goals. We know that chasing your goals and trying something new can be scary. But it doesn’t have to be! Thanks to our new Hub program, you can learn new skills, make friends, and have fun, all whilst achieving your NDIS goals.  

And the best part is, support workers at HELP’s Disability Hubs are by your side every step of the way.   

What is a Hub and what can you do there? 

Hubs are safe spaces where you can try new things, improve your skills, and make lifelong friends. At Hub, you can do activities like Garden Gurus, Computer Skills, Basic Cooking, Literacy & Numeracy, and more! You can see our full list of Hub activities here.  

When you go to a HELP Hub you are supported by our specially trained support workers who will help you work towards your NDIS goals – no matter what they may be.  

We have Hubs located right across South East Queensland including: 

What are NDIS goals? 

Goals are things you want to achieve. Sometimes it’s helpful to think of goals as things you want for the future. Your goals could include things like: 

  • Engaging in tertiary study, for example: doing a TAFE course, gaining certification, or completing a diploma.  
  • Improving your physical health and wellbeing, for example: going to the gym, learning to cook healthy food, or practicing meditation. 
  • Building daily living skills to increase your independence, for example: learning how to catch public transport, going grocery shopping, or food preparation. 
  • Making new friends and engaging with the wider community, for example: going to the library, meeting friends for a BBQ, or attending a disco.  

It’s important to set goals because they can motivate you, give you more independence, and can help you create a better lifestyle.  
Not sure how to set a goal? Check out our easy guide to setting NDIS goals.  

Neehal poses in Sunnybank hub's creative space and craft room.


How can Hubs help you achieve your goals?  

It’s simple, we’re on your team! HELP Hubs provide customised support and a wide range of activities to ensure you achieve your NDIS goals.  
To take the guesswork out of deciding which Hub activities match your specific NDIS goals we’ve even created this handy table.  

If your NDIS goal is..... 

Try these Hub activities 

Engaging in tertiary study 

  • Literacy & Numeracy 
  • Computer Skills 
  • Independent Life Skills 
  • Work Experience 
  • Café Club 

Improving your physical health and wellbeing 


  • Basic Cooking 
  • Batter & Bake 
  • Independent Life Skills 
  • Recreational Fitness 
  • Garden Gurus 

Building your daily living skills to increase your independence 


  • Independent Life Skills 
  • Literacy & Numeracy 
  • Computer Skills 
  • Basic Cooking 

Making new friends and engaging with the wider community. 


  • Fun Day 
  • Social Outing 
  • Independent Life Skills 
  • Café Club 
  • Work Experience 

Our Hub programs have helped many participants including Jeff and Gabby achieve their goals. Read more about their journey with HELP here.  

HELP’s new HUB programs 

There's something for everyone at HELP Hubs. 
Our new Hub program has been specially designed to meet your needs, and provide relevant real-world experiences and learning opportunities. 

What’s new in 2023:  

  • We’ve added a bunch of new activities to our Hub program including Literacy & Numeracy, Sailability, RnB dance and Zumba (Recreational Fitness), Board Games Group, and Computer Skills.  
  • We've created a new activity called Basic Cooking to give clients more options when it comes to developing new skills in the kitchen. Basic Cooking is for participants who want to learn everyday skills like using kitchen appliances, making shopping lists, and food preparation.  
  • We've introduced After Hours activities like Game Night, Sports Days, and Disco & Dinner.  


Find out more  

We’re here to help you set and achieve your goals. Visit our website to find out more about our location and Hub activities. 

If you’d like to become part of our Hub community, call us today on 1800 437 345 or email us at