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HUB: Frequently Asked Questions

16th July 2021

Group of smiling Hub participants sitting on stairs

What activities can I do at Hub? | Support Ratios | Can I chose what day/time I go to Hub? | Community Access ServicesNDIS funding for Hub |Transport to and from Hub | Our PCAS care model

Want to know more about what goes on at our HELP Hubs? Check out our FAQ's to learn about our activities, our team, and how you can become a part of our Hub community.

What activities can I do at the Hub? 

We have a range of different activities at our Hubs to suit various learning needs. The most common types of activities we offer include hospitality, sports and recreation, art, music, gardening, eWaste recycling, and work experience.  

Hub participant using a screwdriver to deconstruct e-waste.


Can I do these activities in a group or one-on-one with a support worker?  

You can engage in Hub activities one on one with a support worker, or in a small group with two other participants and a support worker, depending on your needs. Our Hubs offer 1:1 or 1:3 support options.  

What days can I go to Hub? And is there a minimum number of days I have to attend? 

All of our Hubs are open Monday to Friday and there is no minimum number of days you have to attend. You can attend as many days as you like (depending on Hub availability).  

Can I choose what times I want to go to Hub? 

Our Hubs offer morning sessions, afternoon sessions, or all-day sessions. You can choose which session you would prefer to attend. 

Participant wheeling a wheelbarrow standing next to a brightly coloured chicken coup.

What if I want to participate in community activities as well? 

Our Hub programs incorporate various community activities such as Zumba, bushwalking, and volunteering at a local organisation. To participate in community activities, you must be booked in for the session when they are scheduled. For example, Zumba class is on Mondays at 10 am so you would book in for the morning session at your Hub.  

You can also use our Community Access services to go to activities in the community anytime during the week. For example, you could attend the Hub for a morning session and then go to the gym in the afternoon with one-on-one support through our Community Access service.  

How does my NDIS funding pay for Hub supports? 

Hub supports are paid through the CORE Funding in your NDIS plan under the (04) Social and Community Participation category. You can also access Hub support through certain Capacity Building funding. Get in touch with the Intake team to discuss your funding requirements.  

Participant cutting up slices of ham with the help of his support worker.


Can I get transport to and from the Hub? 

Yes! We have transport options available however spaces are limited. Please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements with our Intake Team.  

Can I attend Hub with my own support worker who isn’t from HELP? 

No, we don’t allow external support workers to support participants onsite. We have trained support workers at each of our HELP Hubs who will support you throughout the day. 

Participant sitting down drawing with pastel crayons.

Do Hubs operate all year round? 

Our Hubs are open all year except for Public Holidays and a two-week closure period over the Christmas and New Year period.  

What training do your support workers receive? 

All of our support workers have: 

  • Undergone a National Police Check 
  • Current Blue and Yellow Cards  
  • Completed the NDIS Worker Screening Module 
  • An excellent work ethic 
  • Strong communication skills and a passion for enhancing the lifestyle, independence, and ambitions of people with disability.  

To ensure you receive customised support our staff are trained under the research-based Person Centred Active Support (PCAS) framework. This training provides our support workers with the principles and tools they need to encourage, inspire, and support you as you work towards your goals. 

As practitioners of PCAS, HELP applies the following fundamental principles to ensure each individual’s needs are met: 

  1. Every moment has potential 
  2. Maximise choice and control 
  3. Little and often 
  4. Graded assistance 

You can find out more about our PCAS approach here.

Support worker helping a participant deconstruct e-waste. The participant is using a screwdriver to unscrew items from an old PC tower.

Interested in joining our HELP Hubs? You can learn more about our full range of Hub locations and services here.