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New beginnings

19th December 2016

1 September 2016

ANNOUNCEMENT: Red Cross Australian Disability Enterprises

People with a disability will have a more secure and sustainable future when HELP Enterprises takes over Bowen Hills and Gympie Australian Disability Enterprises (ADE) from Australian Red Cross.

HELP Enterprises is a social enterprise which has offered employment and training for people with a disability at a range of sites across Queensland for almost 50 years.

Red Cross Director Commercial Operations Tom Scarborough said every one of the 126 supported staff currently working at Red Cross in Bowen Hills and Gympie will be offered ongoing employment with HELP.

“HELP will employ all supported employees across either the existing Red Cross Gympie site or HELP’s existing sites. They will retain all their existing entitlements and wages. The only differences for the staff will be that their employer will change. For current Bowen Hills supported employees their place of work will change, and for everyone their future will be more secure,” Mr Scarborough said.

“While Red Cross has been proud to provide the service for 40 years, we felt HELP were better placed to respond to changes coming with the National Disability Insurance Scheme and to ensure supported employees would have a more secure future.  HELP’s diversity, compassion and commercial sustainability were critical factors in the decision transfer these businesses to them.    

“HELP has support services, jobs and training opportunities for people with a disability that are second to none.”

HELP CEO Kerry Browne said “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to offer more employment opportunities to more people with a disability. This will increase our number of supported employees to over 300 with a total staff in excess of 750. HELP also supports over 240 young people with a disability in transition from school and post schools learning programs. All HELP programs are aimed at assisting people with a disability become work ready.

“We provide meaningful supported employment for people with a disability within our own businesses run from sites at Eagle Farm, Acacia Ridge, Sunnybank Hills, Ipswich and Mitchelton. We are thrilled to add Gympie to our list of operating sites.

“Employees will be supported in learning their new jobs and in getting to and from work. Supported employees are paid award-based wages, following an assessment of productivity and competency. They are provided with training to ensure that they develop the skills needed to be successful at their job and can work safely.”

The transition will take place from early October 2016.

Mr Scarborough said all support staff at Gympie and the majority of Red Cross support staff at Bowen Hills will be offered a comparable, on-going job by HELP, with a small number unfortunately being made redundant.

“We would like to pay tribute to the amazing work that our supported workers and support staff have done in Queensland for the past 40 years, and look forward to following their news as they venture into the next phases of their careers,” Mr Scarborough said. 



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