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Defence welcomes new help

16th December 2016

4 July 2016

NEW jobs for young people with disability

Recently, new jobs and new beginnings in the Department of Defence were realised for 19 young people with disability from Help Enterprises.

The Department of Defence Administrative Assistance Program (DAAP) has been established at both Gallipoli Barracks Enoggera and Amberley Air Force Base.

This is part of a national program to increase diversity within Defence, with Help Enterprises successfully winning the contract to deliver DAAP at both locations. 

The 12 new employees at Enoggera and seven at Amberley are providing ongoing administrative assistance to the Bases.

Some of the administrative support duties have included photocopying, scanning, shredding, mail outs, packing promotional kits and managing meeting rooms.

Help Enterprises General Manager, Simon Wright said “It’s not always easy for people with disability to get their first job, but this partnership has opened up many new doors.” 

“It’s a major confidence boost to the individuals we support and incredibly beneficial and rewarding for their families and the Australian Defence Force,” said Mr Wright.

For people like David Spain-Mostina, who has spent the last eight years volunteering in his local community in an effort to secure paid work, this program is proving that dreams really can come true.

In acknowledgement of his determination and hard work, DAAP has given David the opportunity needed to kick start his first ever paid work placement.

Defence have received overwhelmingly positive internal feedback around the DAAP program, saying ‘it provides a new opportunity to promote social inclusion in an otherwise Defence only environment’ and ‘we have come to know and respect these individuals and see them very much as part of the regimental team’.

DAAP partners with local community organisations to provide people with disability the opportunity to engage in meaningful work.

If you are a jobseeker looking for some extra assistance to find employment, perhaps with Defence or a like-minded organisation, Help Enterprises, a social enterprise enhancing the lifestyle and independence of people with disability, can be contacted on 07 3868 1765.


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