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School Leavers With Disability Setting The Example

11th August 2020

The world can deliver us many challenges, an excess of difficulties and plenty of curveballs that derail our plans. 

As we’ve all seen throughout this period of uncertainty, some things can be taken for granted. As a School Leaver Employment Support (SLES) coach, I have seen some of these difficulties from a different perspective.

Some of these seemingly new-found challenges are not just prevalent during a pandemic. Every day I have the pleasure of working with young people living with a disability in the SLES program and assisting them in their transition from school into finding their place within employment.

SLES support story told from the perspective of coach Scott and participants Alex and Catrin

Supporting these young people with disability has given me an extraordinary view point on what would have previously felt like extreme challenges. When I first meet my participants, they have already completed their time at school and face the daunting task of moving into a new world full of work experience and social aspects not protected or provided by an education facility.

During the pandemic, I’ve watched my SLES participants take this new challenge in their stride. This is just the next wall they will have to break through to enter mainstream open employment. These walls, instead of being a barrier for progress, seem to be an exercise in strength and determination, an exercise all too familiar for these young adults.

SLES Participant Alex (left) with Coach Scott (right)

SLES Participant Alex (left) with Coach Scott (right)

While it is my role to assist in capacity building and provide a pathway towards achieving employment goals, it is also my genuine pleasure to watch people grow. 

The next time I am faced with a challenge that seems too great to conquer, pandemic induced lockdown or otherwise, I will look to all that I have already overcome and know that if I try hard enough, I will succeed. Just like my SLES participants show me, every day. 


Scott McHardy
SLES Employment Coach,
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