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Sue finds her second family

20th October 2021

Support Officer Sue stands in front of a beautiful garden at Mitchelton Hub, smiling at the camera. Pictured: HELP Support Officer Sue.

Whilst working in the Defence Force Sue was lucky enough to meet participants from HELP's DAAP program, and discover a new path that would lead her to a future in disability care.  Sue's 9-5 may look a little different these days (recycling e-waste, creating art, and busting out some impressive dance moves with her second family at our Mitchelton Hub), but she couldn't imagine life any other way. 

What inspired you to pursue a career in disability care?
I realised what a rewarding job it can be. It is inspiring to work alongside everyone who attends the Hub, and to be able to empower participants to reach their goals.

If you could describe the Mitchelton Hub in 3 words what would they be?
Family, rewarding, friendly.

What makes the Mitchelton Hub different from other support services?
Support workers and participants work together to achieve results. It is a very friendly place to be. You can make new friends, work towards becoming more independent, learn new skills and work as a team. Everyone contributes in their own way.

Support Officer Sue helps participants at Mitchelton Hub deconstruct e-waste. In the foreground Sue is holding a computer tower while a participant unscrews parts, while the participant in the background examines a new item to disassemble.
Pictured: Support Officer Sue helps participants at Mitchelton Hub deconstruct e-waste. 

What is the most rewarding part of your job?
To experience working as part of a great team. Seeing how participants enjoy coming to the Hub, and seeing how they grow and become more confident in themselves.

Is there one specific memory from your time working at the Hub that makes you say “wow this is why I do what I do” or “this is why I love my job”?
Just coming to work every day enjoying what I do. We are like one big family here. I go home happy.

What kind of positive impact do you think spaces like the Mitchelton Hub have?
The Hub allows participants to be the best version of themselves, and experience day-to-day activities that most would take for granted.

What advice would you give to someone who was thinking of joining HELP's Hub program?
Come and spend some time with us. I think you get a better feel for a place if you actually experience it, instead of just reading about it. 

Finish this sentence – When I’m not working at the HUB you’ll find me......
Relaxing at home, taking my dogs for a walk, and visiting relatives on the Gold Coast.

3 fun facts about you?
I love dancing, interacting with others, and watching sport. I'm even learning to play golf again!


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