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What is Supported Employment?

15th March 2021

Supported Employment gives people with disability the opportunity to participate in paid and meaningful work across a number of exciting industries.  

Working as a Supported Employee is like any other job, just with a bit of extra support. As a Supported Employee you work alongside a Employment Support Officer who will help you explore different job interests, find a job that suits your individual needs, and navigate the day-to-day tasks at work.

There are many benefits of Supported Employment, like: 

  • learning new skills
  • making new friends
  • building confidence
  • becoming more independent

Many skills you learn at work are transferrable to everyday life, and come in handy when doing things like catching the bus, following directions and socialising.

At HELP our team of Employment Support Officers support people with a wide range of disabilities including autism, intellectual disability and Down Syndrome.  We understand that everyone’s situation is different, and will work with you every day to make sure you feel safe and supported at work.

Providing the right support for you is our priority and we use the Person Centred Active Support framework to make sure your needs are met. This framework is a pivotal element of our service delivery model and ensures that all Supported Employees receive relevant and customised support at work. 

Want to find out more about Supported Employment at HELP? Get the low down from some of our amazing Supported Employees and Employment Support Officers!

Image of HELP supported employees James, Rhys and Toni at work on our Eagle Farm site.


For additional resources on Supported Employment at HELP head to our FAQ page. Submit an enquiry to our friendly Intake Team below.

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