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Collection of Personal Information

Collection of Personal Information

Notification of collection of personal information

Help Enterprises Limited ACN 009 776 032 (HELP) collects personal information necessary for its charitable and business purposes of providing a variety of services including supported employment and other opportunities for those with disability. By completing this online form, HELP has collected personal information relating to you which is necessary for its purposes.

Collection of personal information

Personal information is primarily collected directly from you when you contact HELP for example, by submitting an application or enrolment form, or requesting to be contacted online or over the telephone, or making an online donation* where you require a receipt to be issued for your donation. Where necessary, personal information may also be collected from other sources including, but not limited to:

  • Former and current employers (if you have applied for employment with HELP);
  • Other Employment providers
  • NDIA
  • Centrelink
  • Medical service providers and/or other care or assistance providers
  • Authorised School Representatives
  • Carers, Parents, Legal Guardians or Next of Kin
  • State and Federal Governments and Government Agencies

HELP also collects personal information when it is required or authorised by or under a relevant Australian Act.

*HELP does not collect credit card details. Donations are processed via BPoint (part of Commonwealth Bank) pursuant to its Terms of Use and in accordance with Commonwealth Bank’s Privacy Policy accessible here:

Purpose of Collection

HELP collects personal information for the purposes of:

  • Operating its many business divisions as set out in our Public Privacy Policy;
  • Providing its manufacturing and supply chain services to the public;
  • Assessing the suitability of individuals seeking to work with and receive services from HELP, and providing those services to eligible individuals, such as:

- Supported employment opportunities;
- Open employment opportunities;
- Job training;
- Equine therapy;
- Supported accommodation and housing;

  • Sending communications to keep people up to date with our latest activities;
  • Where you have applied for employment with HELP, assessing your suitability for employment;
  • Providing you with a receipt for tax purposes when you make an online donation.

If HELP cannot collect all or some relevant personal information, it may not be able to properly fulfil its purposes, functions and obligations or properly provide its services. For example, HELP may not be able to appropriately assess whether an individual is eligible to participate in, or receive, a HELP service or provide you with a receipt for your donation.

All information which HELP collects is necessary and relevant for our purposes and we will not seek to collect personal information from you which is not reasonably necessary. HELP discourages the practice of spam. If you receive a message from us and you no longer wish to receive messages from us, please ensure that you unsubscribe in the manner outlined in the message.

Usual Disclosure of personal information

HELP may disclose some kinds of personal information to other entities, bodies or persons in accordance with legislation (including the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth)) including:

  • The Australian Commonwealth Government and the Queensland State Government including relevant departments and authorities relevant to the services which HELP provides;
  • Professional consultants engaged by HELP, such as lawyers, accountants etc;
  • Medical service providers and/or other care or assistance providers;
  • Parent(s) or legal guardians; and
  • Participants in financial and payment systems, such as banks, credit reporting bodies, credit providers and credit card associations.

Access and correction of personal information and complaints policy

Information regarding your rights to access and correct your personal information held by HELP, your rights of complaint if you are concerned about your privacy or handling of your personal information, and how HELP will deal with such a complaint, is contained in our Public Privacy Policy. HELP's Public Privacy Policy can be located here.

Alternatively, you can request a copy of our Public Privacy Policy free of charge by email:


For enquiries, please contact the Privacy Officer via the contact details shown above.