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Every partnership with HELP creates opportunity for people living with disability in our community, their families and carers. We nurture our partners and provide a great way for organisations to engage their teams and stakeholders in meaningful and uplifting work around diversity and inclusion. 

HELP values each and every partner and supporter. In collaboration with organisations such as the Lord Mayors Charitable Trust, JLL, Hand Heart Pocket, Harridan, MPN Consulting, Hymans and Place Design Group, we have been able to deliver life changing outcomes for people with disability. 

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The Value of Partnering

We pride ourselves on professionalism and best practice governance, with 50 years' experience in the disability sector. Our self-sustainable social enterprise model means that 100 percent of donations to HELP go directly to the cause, making our funding efficiency the best. 

We offer programs that provide economic participation and empowerment for people with disability, further stimulating the economy and empowering vulnerable groups to be less reliant on welfare. HELP extends opportunities to people with disability to engage in the same social roles and experiences as their peers, resulting in better life and community outcomes for all.

To discuss any of partnership opportunities, phone 07 3868 1765 or email our Fundraising Team.

Acknowledging our Partners