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Don't Be The Angry Magpie

29th September 2020

Just when you think you are on a roll something will invariably happen to remind you not to get too far ahead of yourself.  

This morning on my bike ride I was deep in thought focussing on the road ahead. I was on the home stretch and feeling fantastic.

Next thing, WHACK! My right ear is pecked by an angry magpie defending its territory. I put my head down, pedal harder and start watching the shadows around me for a second pass. Thankfully it didn’t occur this time and I made it home with only one scratch on my tender ear lobe.

Photo by Archie Carlson on Unsplash

Now, I hold no grudge against the magpie. I know that during certain months in Brisbane there are areas that are best avoided for this exact reason. I am able to make an informed decision about where I ride to reduce the likelihood of this happening again. I am in control of that, despite feeling very out of control when being chased by the magpie itself.

When I reflect on this while cleaning my blood crusted ear afterwards, I know that, with many things that appear in front (or behind us in this case) that are obstacles, challenges or changes to our routine, often while the event itself may seem out of our control, how we respond is definitely up to us.

It can be helpful to acknowledge these challenges for what they are and focus on how you are responding to them. This might make all the difference to your ongoing outlook and wellness when things appear to be bearing down on you.

Don’t be the angry defensive magpie. Take a breath and reflect on what the challenges are ahead and how you can control your responses so hopefully you won’t have bloody ears too.


Simon Wright
EGM - Disability & Allied Health Practice, Help Enterprises

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