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Finding Purpose Through Self-Exploration

29th October 2020

What's in a name?

We had a vision to provide a range of professional services to support people to make positive change in their lives. When we commenced our health services we organically and without conscious thought became known as the 'Allied Health team'. Over time, we grew our team and our identity evolved. It became clear that this name did not fit. It felt cold. It felt generic. It felt clinical. It just did not capture our essence. 

A visit to Oxford Park Nursery at Mitchelton

The epiphany

In December, our Arts Therapist Jasmine Wright, took us through an activity at our nursery in Mitchelton. She asked us to walk through the nursery and take photos of something that resonates with us and something that is dissonant (something that makes us uncomfortable).

At first, I thought, “I love plants, how am I going to find something that makes me uncomfortable?”, but in the spirit of the activity I settled in to the activity and opened myself to the experience. 

The following image jumped out at me. It made me uncomfortable. Many would see the beauty in the order of these rows of plants, but I saw conformity, sameness and stagnation. I saw this as the danger of our team being constrained by rigid and prescriptive processes.

Rows and rows of neatly organised plants at Oxford Park Nursery

In this second image I saw possibility. I saw the beauty in being unique and being able to provide different options and opportunity to support more people. The Queensland Mental Health Commission advocate for organisations to change their thinking and practices to reduce the unnecessary burden on practitioners so they can spend more quality time with vulnerable people in our community who need support.

A plant that resonated with Belinda

I saw how fortunate I was to be in a position where we can create a service that is truly unique and breaks down barriers for practitioners and their clients. Maybe that is grandiose, but I’m an optimist and this will continue to be something we strive towards.

Becoming more intentional

Since this epiphany, we became more intentional. We engaged in numerous activities to explore who we are and what our vision and values are. We asked ourselves “what does Allied Health mean to people with lived experience of mental health challenges?”. We explored our vision and purpose for the future and changed our name to Health and Wellbeing Services. 

Our team 'why'

We also explored our team’s 'why', which is a framework for thinking about a team’s purpose developed by Simon Sinek. For those who are interested, you might like to google the Golden Circle. We got together as a team and developed this statement which captures our heart and our essence:

Built on a foundation of sustainability, our Health and Wellbeing Services team values Genuineness, Growth, Mindfulness, Justice and Safety. This framework allows us to create a safe space and walk alongside humans so they feel supported and empowered to improve their health and wellbeing.

This 'why' statement demonstrates our unique contribution to meeting our organisational mission to support the lifestyle and independence of people with disability. 


Belinda Smith
GM - Health and Wellbeing Services, Help Enterprises

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