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31st August 2020

The sunshine streaming through my breakfast spot on these cold mornings is a nice reminder that, during difficult times there is always a ray of light somewhere to help.

Sometimes we just have to know where to look. My cats know that. They often spend time hunting out the best spot to sit and enjoy the warmth... even if it is on my lap which slows me down somewhat in my morning routine!

In the past few months these rays of light have sometimes felt few and far between in the disability sector. Reduction of services, increased anxiety about health and wellness, mixed messaging about whether services should continue, NDIA pricing changes and uncertainty about how long this will all last have all contributed to everyone’s stress levels. Mine included.

Twilight the cat finding a ray of sunshine. 

It can take a collaborative effort to find the rays of light to help during difficult times. Who is in your team that can help you? Family, friends, your support team are all there and would be willing to help if you need, sometimes it is about asking the right questions to facilitate the assistance you require.

Like my cats, sometimes it takes time to find the spot where you get the best warmth, and sometimes you need a lap to help... but once you are there it always feels good.

While there is still uncertainty looming in our sector one thing is clear. Support services will continue to strive to find ways to offer the ray of light you need to continue through these times.


Simon Wright
EGM - Disability & Allied Health Practice, Help Enterprises

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