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Cafes & Catering

hELP'S brew crew

making a difference ONE COFFEE AT A TIME

HELP currently operates 2 cafes in Brisbane - Boronia Brew, and Goodwill Brew. Our cafes provide a great opportunity for people with disability to experience a range of roles in the hospitality industry. 



Did you know we offer catering for events of all shapes and sizes? Use the button below to download the catering menu and order forms for Boronia Brew.



We help people with disability learn new skills, make important social connections, and build independence (and we make a pretty good coffee too!) 

Boronia Brew and Goodwill Brew are just two of the many businesses owned and operated by HELP. For over 50 years HELP has been developing Social Enterprise businesses across the manufacturing, hospitality, and horticultural industries to provide more inclusive employment opportunities for people with disability in SEQ. 


Our cafés are staffed by the Brew Crew - a mix of supported employees and hospitality industry professionals. At any one time, you’ll find a Barista behind the coffee machine, and one or more supported employees helping with coffee and customer service.  

Supported employees have on-the-job support at all times. This ensures a safe and supportive work environment where our team members with disability can connect, learn and grow.

Before commencing work in the Brew Crew our supported team members speak with HELP's support team to ensure the tasks they are doing align with their NDIS goals. To assist with this, we have also developed internal individual achievements and milestones (e.g. money handling, customer service - greeting customers, coffee-making milestones), as well as recording the number of hours worked. 

Man facing camera smiling holding a coffeeWoman wearing neon yellow polo shirt smiles at camera as she works at a cash register in a cafe.


  • Boronia Brew 
    20 Boronia Road in the Da Vinci Precinct at Brisbane Airport
  • Goodwill Brew 
    Goodwill Bridge, Brisbane City QLD 4000 


Do you want to work at one of HELP’s cafes? We have a number of job opportunities available for people with disability.  

Apply now, or learn more about supported employment and the types of jobs you can do at HELP here.

Man wearing black t-shirt smiles at the camera and is holding two take away coffee's - one in each hand.